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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Craft Cabin...

Hi there my crafty friends ...
As you know above is my Caravan Craft studio...Its a bit cramped and it's hard to utilise the space that is there.
Sooooo ....I'm very excited to say that this van is currently being emptied and the patio will be my studio for the next few weeks, the van is being readied for sale and a 20ft Shipping Container is being sourced to become my 'Craft Cabin' amongst the Silver Birch trees... So until then I will be crafting out of the many many boxes on Mum's Patio eagerly awaiting my new space!!!!!!
This is also why my blog recently acquired a new look...And Name - to match the new awaited space!!
Photos will be posted as the event unfolds
So until the next post ...
Happy Crafting !!

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