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Friday, 6 March 2015

My Life Update!!

Well Friends .... A lot has happened since my last post and it's taken me a while to get back here...

The "Cabin amongst the birch trees" never quite eventuated as my husband and I separated at the end of December and the kids and I moved into a rental on New Years Day....My Art van is now his temporary living quarters and I have finally nearly finished unpacking all my art stuff at last!!!!

Finding a pet friendly house at short notice in my price range with enough room for a Craft Studio as well was a big challenge!!! The next was shifting and sorting new schools for my daughter with Autism who needs access to Special Ed and extra support ...then there was a moody teenage boy who needed an entirely different bus system to get to yr 11 of which this school he had been already accepted into in the previous year ...followed by the decision to buy a more economical car and not wait to sell my existing LandRover Discovery which is a V8 and is still For Sale Agghhhh much for selling that quickly!!

On top of theses small hurdles I was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia (Shallow Socket) after having a limp since childhood and experiencing pain since entering the work force I started to seek answers.
Eventually I was given the correct diagnosis many many years later ... Now I face an operation called a POA which will buy me time before I need a Total Hip Replacement...basically they cut my pelvis in 3 places, rotate the socket to correct the coverage of the joint ...then screw and plate the socket in place...cut away any extra bone and graft bone to fill any gaps. Possibly ...and very likely I will also have a FAO at the same time ..My left Dysplastic leg also turns in at 80% resulting in my femur bone likely needing to be cut and "Untwisted" then screwed and plated in place also... So after this bone breaking experience Im not allowed to drive for at least 8 - 12 weeks and I'll be on crutches for 8 - 14 weeks or more ....As the cut off age for this procedure is usually 35 and I turned 39 today I'll most likely be at the longer side of things.

The upside to this upcoming operation ...will be craft time is compulsory !!! Once I'm able to get around I will have nothing else to do !!!!!

This leads me to another announcement!!!!

I am excited to say I am a designer for  Creative Artiste Challenge Blog !!!!! This is a Mixed Media Blog with a Challenge every month !!!! Please check them out and be sure to follow the Blog to join in on some awesome Challenges!!! A more detailed post about the Blog and what it entails will be uploaded here tomorrow !!!! So watch this space for more exciting news ...

Its midnight here so I will say goodnight ...I have been absent whilst my life has been rearranged but I am returning with renewed Crafty energy and Ideas !!!!

Happy Crafting!!!

Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment !! Please follow my Blog also thanks Hugs Kerry XX.